Monday, June 10, 2013

Allez Les Lions

In March, I went to see the World Cup Qualifier match between Cameroon and Togo. A bunch of volunteers and I went to the match and support Cameroon. Most of us had on Lions jerseys, some of us even got the Cameroonian flag painted on our face. We were all excited and so were the Cameroonians, since Eto’o Fils, the major Cameroonian football star was invited back to play for the national team after a couple of squabbles with the head coach and other teammates.

The atmosphere at the stadium was insane to witness; everyone was cheering, playing music, and basically just supporting the lions. The ambiance was contagious and soon some of the volunteers I was with starting joining in, borrowing drums and beating along with everyone else, myself included. At one point I borrowed a Cameroonian flag from someone and ran, I was trying to start the wave, although I was unsuccessful, the people were just happy to see une blanche fully supporting their team as well.

In the end, Cameroon won, I could not tell you the score, I do know that Eto’o scored at least one goal. But I will always remember the feeling of being amid the chaos, yet feeling a part of it all. 

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Tree that fell down in the middle of the national highway

Volunteers waiting for the game to start

Playing some drums

Got to borrow a flag

Kid selling peanuts in Limbe

At a bar in Douala

Tracy, my friend from America visiting my village

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