Saturday, September 29, 2012

School Has Started Back Up

Well I have officially lived at my house in Dimako for 13 months, my longest time at one house since I graduated from high school. School has already started, we are already in the 3rd week, and it is going infinitely better than last year. It also helps that I only have 3 classes, and 2 of them are smaller than 30. One of my classes is amazing! Really smart and motivated which also makes me motivated so that’s awesome.
With my new schedule it allows me to do more outside of school since my hours are more condensed.  

Hopefully soon I will start giving classes to some girls at the primary school, so equivalent to the 5th grade. I am looking forward to that and so is the director of the school. And in October I should be teaching basic computer skills to my colleagues in the hopes that we will computerize the students grades making life easier for everyone. Also one of my fellow PCVs has asked me to help give a cross-cultural class encompassing everything from colonization to the EU to some students at the after school center she works at, as well as Adult English classes. So my year is filling up fast, which makes me excited.
In addition to all of that, I have started working at the boutique in my house’s concession and I LOVE it. I get to talk with all the clients and everyone who walks by. It’s kind of fun just sitting in there, reading a book until someone comes who wants to buy soap or some bread. It also means that if I need something I don’t have to go all the way to the market because it’s right there! Very convenient.

In other news, I celebrated my birthday with some fellow volunteers. In fact there were twice as many people this year as last year. I made pizza and a carrot cake, while another volunteer made chocolate chip cookies and a salad. It turned out really well and fun =)

I have also been trying to studying for the GRE since I am taking it in November and in the past 2 weeks my score has already improved some, so that is good news. I have narrowed my schools down to George Washington, Georgetown, American, and Yale. All with a focus in International Affairs and US Foreign Policy.

Finally it looks like I will have a roommate for 6 months, when a volunteer from another sector, Youth Development, will come and live with me until my time is up. A bit unorthodox but since there aren’t a lot of houses in Dimako it is hard to find a place for a PCV to live. Luckily I have just bought another bed so they wont have to buy anything when they come, which should be nice for them!