Wednesday, June 1, 2011

As ready as I will ever be...

I am currently sitting in my hotel room in Philadelphia, even though I should be sleeping because we have to leave at 7 AM to get our yellow fever shots (without this we will not be allowed into Cameroon). And then it's off to JFK for our 6 PM flight.

Today was staging, or orientation, where we met the other trainees and learned what to expect from the Peace Corps and what the Peace Corps expects from us. So far everyone seems nice and funny and just really eager to get going. We also had to talk about what worried us and everyone shares the sames fears, which is nice as well.

I just don't think it's going to become reality until we actually touch down in Yaounde.

PS Philadelphia is a really cool city. Although I wasn't here for very long, I definitely would like to come back (and not just because of Parking Wars) !


  1. Michelle, I am so excited for you as this new adventure starts. Thanks for keeping us updated here.

  2. Michelle, glad you made it to Cameroon. Good luck on your tests.

  3. This is exciting! There will be pictures, yes? Best of luck!